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DVD Talk Review of Criterion’s new ‘Seven Samurai’

The new region 1 Criterion version of Akira Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai, which spans three whole DVDs, is going to be relesed on September 5th. DVD Talk has taken a look at the set, and gives a very positive review. Quoting from their conclusion, “Criterion’s three-disc reissue of Seven Samurai isn’t just a comprehensive DVD package, it’s one of the finest releases of 2006 thus far”. Sets your mouth watering, doesn’t it?





That is indeed mouth-watering!



I am supposed to save money on DVDs, having a baby and all. But how can I pass up on this? Let’s see how long I can resist….



Think about it this way: some people put money aside on a savings account so that when their child reaches the college age they can send him or her to the best possible place.

Now, if you buy the Seven Samurai DVD set instead and show it to Logan every day for the first year of his life, he will not only learn to appreciate the arts and the cinema (and perhaps become a multi-million dollar earning film director), but he will also learn the way of the samurai, which will obviously pay back big time when he graduates to the sandbox age. With the skills in fighting and diplomacy that he will acquire from the movie, he will rise to dominate the neighbourhood with his charisma and keen eye for justice. As a result, he will grow up to be a socially extremely competent person, and will go on to do great things.

Actually, this is in fact a direct quote from the back cover of the Criterion DVD set. 😉

On a more serious mode, I actually haven’t got the box set yet, myself. But that is partly because, while the set is expensive as it is, postage to where I live would about double its price. So I’m waiting for cheaper eBay versions to drift my way.



Somehow I doubt my wife will accept this reasoning…

And I have the same problems with shipping, so I can only ask friends for favors.

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