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We are online again

Akira Kurosawa infoAs you may have noticed if you visit us regularly, Akira Kurosawa info was largely unavailable last weekend, or more specifically between Friday and Monday. This was due to a hardware failure which affected the web server on which we are hosted.

It took the web host four and a half days to fix it, but after a few false starts, it looks like things are working now again. No data should have been lost, but I am still looking around and creating backups to make sure that everything is as it should be.

If there is one positive to take away from the downtime, it is that I was at least able to test communication through our recently announced social media accounts. Of course, since the downtime started about half an hour after the announcement was posted, it probably didn’t help many of you. But do take a look at our new Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr pages, which you can also access straight from the top right of this web page.

As for now, we will be returning to a more or less regular programming, although I think that there may be a server move in the near horizon.


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