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Let’s party like it’s 99!

99I was dreamin’ when I wrote this / 
Forgive me if it goes astray.

Yesterday, March 23rd 2009, marked 99 years since the birth of Akira Kurosawa. To celebrate, I decided to give the website a badly needed face lift. Let me know what you think!

Actually, that is not all that there is to this update. Among other things, I have now also scripted a section to the website which allows trusted regular users to upload files such as images onto the server. This way, you don’t need to use external image hosting services or your own servers for the images you may wish to use on the forums.

As I am quite cautious with these things, I will now open the file upload possibility only to the regular users who have been active in the recent months. If someone feels left out, you can contact me at admin(at)akirakurosawa.info, and I’ll see if I can allow file uploads for you as well. Lurkers, newcomers and such will have to wait though, and prove their uploadworthiness!

For those who can already upload files, the link is in the menu. Let me know how it works for you!




Vili Maunula

This is a test post.



I was used to the previous face, but this lifting is welcome.
Pleasant color tones and a judicious yet simple logo (cap and glasses).

As for the upload, I didn’t send anything for the moment but in the dedicated section, I can see “Your files: 512-sevensamurai.txt” as if I had sent this text file.
Shouldn’t it be appearing in the section of the folk who sent this or in a common section?


Vili Maunula

Ah, there was a curious coincidence that I hadn’t thought of with the script listing one’s uploads, allowing you (and I think no one else) to see my test account’s uploads. It should now be fixed.

Thanks for letting me know!



Whoah, dude! I thought the site had been hijacked. Nice overhaul, quite refreshing, once one is over the shock of the new!



Looks good! 😀 I like the announcement of the film of the month and the logo with the cap and glasses.



Nice new design, well done Vili.

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