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Server move complete: normality returns

Drive forwardI hope you all had a great weekend! The server update seems to have finished without a hitch, so I am opening comments again. Sorry about the inconvenience.

Some of you may notice that the comment area has changed slightly. The new comment editing features (courtesy of markItUp!) should now work better in Internet Explorer, although those of you who use Opera will still be out of luck — Opera just does weird things with javascript focus, and there seems to be little that I can do about that.

Do also check out the new (somewhat experimental) “Preview” feature which should allow you to preview your comment before posting. Let me know how it works for you!

Also, the Film Club has now moved on to Sanshiro Sugata, which means that starting from this month we will begin our journey through Kurosawa’s films chronologically from the very beginning. I may post a separate announcement with a brief review of Sanshiro Sugata literature later today, but feel free to open the discussion already, if you want to!





Thanks for the notice and for adding a preview comment function.

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