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Akira Kurosawa Online Film Club

Akira Kurosawa Online Film Club

The Akira Kurosawa Online Film Club is our very own and very informal film studies group where we watch and discuss a new film each month. You can find the full schedule at the bottom of this page. An introductory news post is provided at the beginning of each month to announce the new film and to provide some background for discussion.

Participation is open to anyone. Anything and everything related to the films can be discussed, although spammy or offensive posts will not be tolerated. The discussion is carried out over at the announcement’s comments and the forum section, and you do need to register to the website to be able to post.

Apart from the obvious – an internet connection and the willingness to participate – you just need to get hold of the films themselves. Kurosawa’s films are easily available in most parts of the world, both as rentals and purchases. As for other films, we try to pick ones that are fairly easy to get hold of.

To help you with your Kurosawa buying and renting decisions, do take a look at the DVD and Blu-ray guides. You are also more than welcome to ask us for help, although please note that we don’t do copies.

There are only a few rules, but everyone participating should be aware of them.

  • Normal online forum etiquette and rules apply. Do your best to keep your posts thoughtful and proof read what you have written for both language and content before hitting that submit button.
  • Everyone has the right to express their views. There may be more than one way to interpret things. Keep this in mind.
  • Be polite.
  • Keep the schedule in mind. You are of course always free to discuss any film on this website. However, the film club provides a way to sync our viewing schedules so that everyone has a specific film fresh in their minds, helping the discussion. So, if you want to discuss film X, and that film is scheduled for the film club in two months’ time, it may be a good idea to wait a little before posting your observations. You can always write the post now and save it on your computer for later posting.
  • Discussion can continue as long as it needs to. There is no need to stop discussing one film when another one is introduced.
  • There is a convention of including the film title as the first thing in the title of a new topic, followed by a colon and the actual topic title (e.g. “The Bad Sleep Well: Theatre, Architecture and Design”). This is not a rule but helps us to identify threads easier.

The Schedule

The film club is currently taking an extended break.

Past Films

For a list of films that the film club has watched previously, see the archive of film club announcements.

Much of the previous discussion can also be found in the theories and interpretations section in the forums.