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BFI’s Early Kurosawa box set out today

BFI: Early KurosawaBFI’s Early Kurosawa DVD box set is out today!

The collection contains the first six films by Akira Kurosawa on four discs. These films have been practically unavailable in DVD region 2 (Europe, Japan) with good English subtitles, so this is an excellent opportunity for anyone in Europe who has not yet purchased the region 1 (North America) editions of these films that Criterion has released as part of their Eclipse series.

My review of the set will come out in a couple of days’ time, but I can tell you that the set is definitely worth getting if you don’t already own the films, and may be worth getting even if you already own the Criterion Eclipse editions.

The contents are:

Disc one: Sanshiro Sugata, Sanshiro Sugata Part Two

Disc two: The Most Beautiful, They Who Step on the Tiger’s Tail

Disc three: No Regrets for Our Youth

Disc four: One Wonderful Sunday

The only special feature included on the discs is eight minutes of deleted scenes for Sanshiro Sugata, which is the same selection as the one found on the Australian Madman Entertainment release. An illustrated booklet with a short essay by Philip Kemp is also included.

For more information about the availability of Akira Kurosawa’s films on DVD, check out the Kurosawa DVDs section.


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