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Fox’s Kagemusha release is a shorter cut

As most of you probably know, Kagemusha comes in a number of lengths, most importantly the original Japanese 179 minute version, and the so-called “International Cut” that runs for 162 minutes.

You may also remember the fairly recent post on 20th Century Fox’s R2 release of Kagemusha, which comes with extras identical to those of the marvellous Criterion release.

Well, the DVD came out today, and the first reports at DVD Times suggest that Fox’s release is, very disappointingly, 152 minutes long. Which means: avoid at all costs! (Or, more appropriately, avoid at the cost of $40, which is what the Criterion release typically costs.)





I dont understand why they would do that, as the shorten version has no importance.
The only acceptable short version DVD is Bergman’s Fanny and Alexander from the Criterion, as it was the way it shown in theaters but even then it also include the 312min full version.(I think its the best Criterion release ever)

In the US you should pay no more then $35 tops for a Criterion(a few exceptions) , Fox’s $40 price for a incomplete film is ridiculous



The reason Fox would release the short version is because that’s the cut they own the rights to.

Criterion’s release was originally going to be the shorter international version (because they’d cut a deal with Fox). They pushed back the release by about six months when the longer Japanese cut of the film became available through other sources.

Frankly, I wish Criterion had done a 3-disc set with both cuts of the flick. It would be an interesting study in contrasts, even though the Japanese cut is clearly superior.

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