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Star Wars + Hidden Fortress mashup The Sukaiwaka Fortress released

The Sukaiwaka Fortress

It is here. The Akira Kurosawa info member ssj‘s fan edit The Sukaiwaka Fortress has been released.

Taking Akira Kurosawa’s The Hidden Fortress as its basis and injecting into it a healthy doze of George Lucas’s Star Wars, The Sukaiwaka Fortress combines these two films that are already historically closely linked.

The project’s aims were to rescore The Hidden Fortress with music from Star Wars, to rename major characters and places with names more fitting for the Star Wars universe, to make the edit family-friendly by removing a scene, all curse words and by rewriting dialogue for certain scenes, to repurpose select dialogue from Star Wars, and to improve the original film’s pacing (!).

The fan edit clocks in at 127 minutes (12 minutes less than the original) and can be attained by private messaging ssj at fanedit.org or by direct message him through twitter @handofasclepius. You are required to own a legit copy of The Hidden Fortress. More information can be found in this forum thread.

The release also comes with its own and rather hilarious making-of documentary, It Is Wonderful to Chronohop. You can watch it below.





the first review is in. i swear i didn’t pay this guy. 😆

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