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May 23 DVD release for Morita’s Sanjuro

Tsubaki Sanjuro posterAccording to the official website, the DVD for Yoshimitsu Morita’s remake of Sanjuro will be out on 23 May, 2008.

The release will have two different versions, a basic DVD with a making-of documentary, as well as a more comprehensive double DVD set, which comes with additional cast and crew interviews, as well as other short documentaries and a photo booklet. None seem directly Kurosawa related, though. Neither does the disc seem to come with English subtitles, which is something of a disappointment.

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Jeremy Quintanilla

Anyone interested in this? I having someone mail me a copy when it comes out, and can do so a little cheaper then the $44 amazon.jp is asking.

Plus I dont think Amazon.jp allows the input of addresses outside Japan.

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