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Kurosawa Article: Red Beard (plus Ikiru)

There is a rather good piece written by Ganesh at Brooklyn Masala about Red Beard (Akahige). Do take a look: link

Update: And I thought I already linked to this one, but it seems I didn’t: here is Ganesh’s earlier article on Ikiru. Enjoy!






What a wonderful website, and thanks for linking to my essay. if you get a chance, I had written about Ikiru earlier, and I consider it to be one of the best films ever made. Thanks again for the link, and I look forward to browsing through your site.



Oops. I thought I had already linked to your Ikiru article last week. Seems I didn’t. Too many things going on. 🙂



Thanks, Vili for finding the links to Ganesh’s site.

I’ve have sadly forgotten this fantastic movie. I plan to watch it again soon.

I’ve mentioned it before but its great to have a site like this



Thanks again, Jeremy.

To be honest, I haven’t watched Red Beard for quite a while, myself. Might be four or five years, actually. It’s about time for me to watch it again, as well.

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