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The Public Domain Movies Project


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    Concerning the The Public Domain Movies Project detail on


    Just a update- I have not forgotten about this project, unfortunately my research seems to have stalled a bit, information is rather limited and learning foreign law is not the easiest task. Contacting companies and people is limited to whom I can find on the internet and their help is mostly unwilling and advice is little to rely on. Right now I have no clear answers just speculation, some good, some bad.

    I will continue to look into this when ever I have a chance and will always be on the look out for more information.

    Anyone who come across some answers please share.




    I appreciate and am amazed by any of the work you have and will do. I myself will keep my eyes open for anything of merit.



    Jeremy, the amount of dedication you put into this is just about as brilliant as is your new avatar, i.e. very! 🙂 I’m sure we are all really looking forward to whatever you find. And of course we’ll be keeping our eyes open as well.

    Anyway, just exactly what IS that frog?



    I havent been doing as much as I like, I really need to learn to manage my time better. After work am too tired to do anything serious, and my personal projects that are already way behind schedule as it is. Then my free time goes to my hobbies of racing cars, playing guitar, and video games, but if I stop doing those I will go insane 🙂 Just need to cut back on a few unimportant things and focus on something more important, but am working on it.

    I thought the picture was rather interesting. I was clearing out my server and remembered that picture.

    The frog is from a plastic garden decoration, its standing on a plastic shovel and has two more smaller frogs below it, hanging from the shovel as well.

    I came across it at a small house that I found to use for a quick photo shoot. Later I actually got together with my father to buy the property, because I liked the tree, even got to keep the frog.

    The back story is..

    I was testing the limitations of a outdated low-end point and shoot camera, for a article I made a 2 years back. I was showing with some skill a cheap camera can produce nearly the same quality picture when used in normal printed and view resolutions, as a professional grade camera costing 10-25x more.

    The “good” pictures where of subjects with color and contrast that favored a expensive dSLR camera.

    Then I pointed out the flaws of a point and shot, such as the picture of my car and my dog posing, that look horrible.

    Heres the link, the article has been lost, only the pictures remain. I am rather please with the outcome, considering it was a cheap camera I bought used. I could do much better now, as my skills have improved greatly.




    Those are indeed pretty sharp pictures for a cheap camera! I have a 6 megapixel Casio, but rarely use it.

    Thanks for the frog explanation!

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