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Cruel September

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    But if Obama doesn’t win, I can’t yell down the streets “I told ya so!” as the world crumbles. 😥

    The good thing about a global crisis, is that Europe will be more affordable. Imagine a 1:1 exchange rate.

    Last time I was in Germany I didnt have the 12Euros for some Haribo Goldbaren. See with the poor airport exchange rate is was nearly $19 and I just couldnt afford it, I had hotels with 50% higher price tags to worry about.

    See where my hatred of Europe comes from-gummy bears-although mind you, not any gummy bears-Haribo Goldbarens made in Germany, by jolly, semi-drunken German milk maids, dancing with joy and singing songs about stuff I dont understand. I was denied this precious gift, and for this I can never forgive Europe. 😛

    Not that it matters anymore, if I want to see Europe, I can just look out my window. 😉

    Your job sounds awesome, it’s the job everyone dreams about as they stare at the broken clock in their office, and moan in depression as wonder if they smash their head through the computer monitor, would it kill them, and if so how many months would go by before someone noticed, or would the janitor just dust them off, and place a fake plant in front.

    I dont know what’s worse.

    Hitler-uh, I mean Obama youth


    Or stupid rednecks


    Of course hate is on both sides


    Isn’t America grand.



    Jeremy, although I shouldn’t indulge, I love those Haribo Goldbaren-your theory on their production must surely be correct! In Munich I used to have a favorite store, I think it was on or adjacent to Turkenstrasse near Ludwigstrasse (close to my hotel) that sold bulk gummies in different shapes. They had the Haribo bears, but they had couples in sexual positions, too, made of gummies. Those milkmaids must have been way tipsy when they made those.

    I don’t know what to think about the Al Jazeera video link you posted. It worries me that was produced by Al Jazeera! The other two videos are also disappointing. Politics bring out the worst in people.

    Hey, Jeremy, did you see McCain and Obama making jokes in the clips of the “roast” dinner event last night? They were both hilarious!



    By favorite store, you mean a small trinket store close to hotel Carlton, near Ludwig st. I’m not at all familiar with Munich(been once), but Turkenstrasse sounds familiar as it turns to Ludwig-or something like that.

    I dont recall seeing sex bears, but I wasnt looking for them, I prefer my food and sex education seperate.

    Though it reminds in Tokyo, I was hassled by a old lady to buy a giant chocolate penis. I kept saying “no, thank you” in Japanese but she kept insisting and was getting mad. I thought the Japanese were supposed to be non-confrontational, but for awhile I thought I was in Mexico. I ran away before she started throwing punches, but I promised myself next time I got to Japan, I’m going to learn how to say “No, I dont want to eat a giant penis!”. See, I wish Japanese classes would prepare you better, because I’ve yet to found the need to say things like “The boy is under the table.”

    Who the hell eats chocolate penises anyways? That’s weird even by Shinjuku standards.

    Al Jazeera has stepped up it’s anti-America campaign, so no doubt they focused on the stupidest of stupid, still sad such people exist though.

    McCain was killing them last night, fantastic stuff, and he had some good timing and all. He appeared more of himself that night, then this fake image his campaign managers tell him to be.

    This is the guy I really liked, not the man I saw in the debates. If what McCain showed in dinner is the real him, matched with his past records,teamed upped with Palin-things maybe alright. For at least Palin, I see hope-I really like her, even if her cuteness and winking is getting a bit played out. Plus her husband is pretty cool too, as well as McCain’s wife-I mean she went to Japan to learn how to drift( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drift_racing )-that’s cool by any standards.

    Better then this feeling of arrogance I get from Obama, and dont get me started on his wife. She’s just pure evil. Why can’t she be more like Princella Smith?-but then of course Obama wouldn’t be Obama, he would be prefect.

    Gummy bears, penises and politics in the same comment-seems oddly appropriate.

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