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Video: Kurosawa – 30 in 30

I don’t quite know how to describe this, except that it’s a fun and groovy little video that made me want to rewatch all of Kurosawa’s films again, so I shall just offer the thing here without a further comment. Enjoy!

The video was made by Aaron Kirk, who you can find at YouTube and Twitter.





hello all, this is Aaron Kirk. I’m so thrilled to see this video posted. I made this for two types of people, the Kurosawa fans (those touched by the both tangible and intangible soul and craftsmanship on display from Kurosawa and company) and those who are yet to be such fans. I’ve had a handful of colleagues and friends mention how they need to finally watch some Kurosawa. Or go back and re-watch. That was the fuel for this project. And it was the fuel for the second, and final one. I am planning to make some other film related videos but I had to knock out a sequel for Kurosawa, because, well…Kurosawa!

The sequel: Kurosawa super cut #2 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8mav65g1v1U



The first video is a great series of shots. Some more surprising than others, but all excellent. A terrific overview and tribute to the master’s work. Will watch the second one as well.

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