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Film Club Extra: What Hitler Wants (1941)

This month’s short Film Club Extra film is the 1941 Soviet propaganda film What Hitler Wants. The animated film runs for a little over eight minutes.

As another example of Soviet propaganda, the short film is loosely connected to our main feature of this month, Sergei Eisenstein’s Battleship Potemkin.

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Its very interesting stuff – though hardly subtle!

One thing that struck me about the animation style – especially the ‘shark’ sequence – it seems to owe a lot to Disney – or is it vice versa? The way the characters move is just like in the early Mickey Mouse reels.

In terms of politics, what I find striking is the emphasis on the ‘political’ nature of the conflict. Its very much Fascists against Communists, not Germans against Russians – in contrast I think to a lot of other propaganda (especially the American propaganda cartoons I’ve seen about Japan), which are more racial in tone.


Vili Maunula

Indeed, subtlety is not the operative word here. It’s a good point that the conflict is painted as largely political in these shorts, and apart from I think the sequence with the paratrooper agents, the enemy is just Hitler. I also find it lovely how the enemy is animated in quite a bit more detail than the almost god-like representations of the allied forces.

As for the direction of influences, my understanding is that Soviet animation was hugely influenced by Disney, at least up until the 1950s.

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