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Next from Kurosawa Productions: Many Beautiful Things

Many Beautiful Things - header
Last year’s short film The Hound of Heaven marked something of a return for Kurosawa Productions, the company founded by Akira Kurosawa and now run by his son Hisao Kurosawa. It seems like the next film for the production company will be a documentary titled Many Beautiful Things.

To be released sometime in 2015, and most probably initially only for film festivals, Many Beautiful Things explores the life and art of the turn of the 20th century British artist and missionary Lilias Trotter. The film is directed by Laura Waters Hinson and narrated by John Rhys-Davies and Michelle Dockery.

Kurosawa Productions, who have recently also activated their website, are executive producing Many Beautiful Things together with Oxvision Films, with whom they worked on The Hound of Heaven.


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