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Blogged: Rashomon flowcharts

RashomonI haven’t posted links to other people’s Kurosawa related blog posts for a long time, but this one was just too good to pass. I mean, how else to approach Rashomon than with… detailed flowcharts?

I especially like the Final Theory which, obviously, explains everything.





Those flowcharts are sheer genius! Fantastic link.



That was awesome! I didn’t try to view the flowcharts but I read the text and I think he got as close as anyone can to “solving” Rashomon.

I completely agree with him about the film, BTW. Between the ambiguity of what happened and the intentional lying, there’s no way (other than by puzzling it out) to know the truth and that bugs the hell out of me. I’m not that fond of Memento either.



How knows about the literary form kishotenketsu? Can you give me examples to read?



The rashograph has been reposted at a slightly different url, here.

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