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We’re back!

If you can read this, it means that the server move is now done, and thanks to the magic of intertubes, you are now staring at the same old AK.info website at a brand new location! Marvellous, isn’t it?

Please let me know if something doesn’t work, or works differently than before. Personally, I am registering slightly faster page loads, which is nice.

Edit: There appears to be an issue with the forums. I am working on it.

Edit 2: The issue with the forums should now be sorted out. Let me know if you encounter any problems!




Jeremy Quintanilla


Where would we be without Al Gore’s interwebtubesnet?


Vili Maunula

The forum problems seem to continue, with new forum posts not being accepted. I’m currently trying to figure out why.

Everything seems to work now.


Vili Maunula

This is a test.

Edit: Things seem to be working again.

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