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E-mail features

Just a short note to let you know that I’ve added two new functions to the website. Both of them have to do with e-mails.

1. You can now subscribe to the news updates via e-mail. This can be done from the news alerts page. This may be of use to those of you who would like to stay up-to-date with the news, but keep forgetting to check the website.

2. For each post and page on the website, there is now a check box that allows a visitor to subscribe to the comments written for that particular post or page. The main users of this function are probably those who visit this site once to ask a question and are then never heard of again because they forget to check back for the replies. Of course, anyone who so wishes can still make use of it.

I am also looking into my options for some sort of a notification / e-mail digest system for the forums. At the moment it seems like there are no ready-made options for that, so basically I’d have to code the functionality myself.

Of course, the forums provide full RSS feeds, as in fact does the rest of the website. So, if you use an RSS feed reader, the e-mail functionalities are probably not all that exciting for you.

Edit: This being said, it seems that the forum RSS feeds are not actually working at the moment. Interesting.


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