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Second teaser trailer for The Last Princess

The second teaser trailer for Shinji Higuchi’s remake of Kurosawa’s The Hidden Fortress, renamed The Last Princess, has been made available on the updated official website. The trailer is also available on YouTube.

The half-a-minute clip is not radically different from the earlier trailers, and includes mostly the same shots.

The big budget film, marked for a May 10 release, stars Jun Matsumoto, Masami Nagasawa, Hiroshi Abe and Daisuke Miyagawa, and the script was penned by Kazuki Nakashima. Japanese rocker Tomoyasu Hotei, RnB singer Kreva and bassist Seiji Kameda (of the band Tokyo Jihen) have been announced as working on the theme song.




Jeremy Quintanilla

It went too fast for me, to make anything of it, look mostly like a recut of the original trailer. I wonder what the mine shaft lift and the fire celebration is all about.

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