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An Indian Kurosawa box set to be released

The Indian film company Palador Pictures has announced the release of an Akira Kurosawa DVD Box Set comprising five of the director’s best known films. The box set is exclusively sold by the local online retailer Indiaplaza.in. The list price is 2,000 rupees, but the box set is currently sold for 1500.

I actually know relatively little about the release apart from the fact that it consists of Seven Samurai, Yojimbo, Throne of Blood, High and Low and Red Beard. Neither Palador’s own website catalogue or the Indiaplaza.in page give much more information. Furthermore, the DVD covers shown on the two websites differ from each other. While Palador’s covers suggest that the releases might be Criterion discs, I actually doubt that and would venture to guess that it is rather Indiaplaza.in that has got it right. What the picture or sound quality is, or what subtitles are included, remains unknown to me.

As all of these films have good or excellent releases in most parts of the (English speaking) world, the Indian releases will probably be of most interest to local Kurosawa fans. The box set can be exclusively purchased at Indiaplaza.in


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