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Kurosawa documentary at the Internet Archive

There is a new (?) Kurosawa documentary at the Internet Archive, which can be viewed and downloaded here.

Not much information is provided about the piece, apart from the text “Our award winning documentary on the prolific Japanese director Akira Kurosawa.” What awards it may have won remains unclear, as well as somewhat curious considering that the 11-minute documentary does not really seem all that special to me, and that it also contains what seem to me like a handful of factual errors.





Well I couldn’t even finish watching the darn thing as that narrator’s voice was just so annoying. But yeah one error I noticed was when they mentioned Rashomon for the first time they showed a poster for Hidden Fortress. Sheesh *rolls eyes* And… Veneese?


Vili Maunula

Indeed. While my hat goes off to anyone who has the patience to play around with video editing software to produce something like this, I would hope that those who make these things would also put an equal amount of energy into not only writing a good narration, but also making sure that it sounds good. Proper dictation shouldn’t be THAT hard to produce, and it really wouldn’t hurt to double-check the pronunciation of foreign names, either.

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