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A Dutch Akira Kurosawa documentary

Google Video has the first part of a Dutch documentary called De Laatste Held (“The Last Hero”), which looks at some of Akira Kurosawa’s films from the background of the political and social circumstances of the post-war Japan.

Or at least I think this is what it does. I don’t actually speak a word of Dutch, but I do read German, Swedish and English, and have studied (very superficially) Old English and the history of Germanic languages in general, so I seem to be able to understand bits and pieces of Dutch as well. However, if someone with more knowledge of the language happens to check it, do tell me whether I got it right.

You can find the video here.




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[…] Ten days ago I reported about the first part of a Dutch Akira Kurosawa documentary, which had been uploaded to Google Video. The second part is now also available. See here. […]

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