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Related News Roundup: Ozu, Mifune, Sandler and More

Toshiro Mifune in ScandalIt’s again time to look at what Akira Kurosawa related news and links have been posted online recently. This time, we have some Kurosawa articles and lectures, a couple of Ozu links, one piece of Mifune gossip, and Adam Sandler. If that doesn’t get your week started, what will?

We shall kick off with an article titled Abbas Kiarostami Meets Akira Kurosawa, which Cinephilia & Beyond has posted as a republication of an article originally published in Film International in 1993, and which recounts a meeting in Tokyo between Kurosawa and the Iranian filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami in September that year. It seems to have been a nice little meeting.

And while you are at Cinephilia & Beyond, you may also want to check out their recent post Akira Kurosawa on watching ‘Solaris’ with Andrei Tarkovsky.

On the other hand, if you find yourself in or around the US state of Michigan, you may be interested to hear that the Saginaw Valley State University Department of Modern Foreign Languages will have a lecture on Friday titled “Rethinking ‘Postwar’ Japanese Culture as ‘Cold War’ Culture: The Case of Kurosawa Akira”. According to the news announcement, “the lecture seeks to broaden understanding of Kurosawa by examining how he skillfully threaded his way through the minefields of Cold War cultural politics, simultaneously invoking and denying his connection to Soviet aesthetic theories and film practices.” The lecture starts at 10 am on Friday and will be given by author and professor Michael Bourdaghs. Do report back if you attend!

On the other hand, if you rather spend your Friday evening at your parents’, Jeff Lombardi at Flickhart suggests Yojimbo as a film to watch with your dad.

Meanwhile, Boing Boing features a short visual article by Colin Marshall titled A Hypnotic Supercut of Passageways in Yasujirō Ozu Movies, which points out Ozu’s interest in passageways. Enough said.

And if those passageways are your thing, you will be delighted to hear that Criterion has announced a new Ozu Eclipse set, Silent Ozu: Three Crime Dramas, which collects the early 1930s films Walk Cheerfully, That Night’s Wife and Dragnet Girl. The set will be out on April 21.

Of course, what you guys really come to Akira Kurosawa info is the latest entertainment biz gossip and banter, and boy do I have a scoop for you. Apparently, Toshiro Mifune’s daughter Mika Mifune is ready for some serious ‘me’ time, which appears to mean that she is ready to divorce her estranged rock star husband George Takahashi. I do wish them both all the best.

And finally, there is a new Netflix film in development starring Adam Sandler and titled Ridiculous 6, and it is described as something of a spoof on westerns. It may therefore be safe to assume that it will also be distantly related to Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai. The cast was recently revealed and the shooting is about to start any day now. No word yet on release date.

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