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Which movie Kurosawa wrote a novel and was published?

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    Hello, currently and I’m studying a post-graduate course in Costume Design and my currently subject of study is Akira Kurosawa and how he appropriate the others kinds of arts in his films 🙂

    I’m currently reading his autobiography and it says that he wrote a novel of Stray Dog after the film was released and it was published by min’yusha, but I couldn’t find any info about this book.

    The same thing happens with Scandal

    On the book of Donald Richie The films of Akira Kurosawa it says the novel of Stray Dog was never published, so now I have this question of what really happened.



    Hi Fran!

    Kurosawa’s biographer Stuart Galbraith IV also notes that the novel was never published (page 109), so I assume that it never was. But I wasn’t able to find the Min’yusha reference that you mentioned (where exactly is it?), and I didn’t quite understand what you meant by the same thing happening with Scandal?

    In any case, the Stray Dog novel was actually written before Kurosawa started work on the film.

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