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    Since I won’t be around too much in the coming week or two, I thought that it would be good to let you spend the time thinking about a few questions that I would like to hear some feedback on regarding this website. These are:

    What should be changed on this website?

    (The header image, of course, is one, and I am really open for suggestions and offers there.)

    What simply doesn’t work here?

    (The main forum RSS feed is one thing. Anything else?)

    What should be added?

    (Are there features that you would like to see, features you use elsewhere or have always wanted to see on a website? Or are there pages that should be created to the Information section? Other stuff?)

    Is there something that you would like to do for this website, but are too shy to offer?

    (I’m open for ideas, and won’t bite.)

    Anything else that you want to say?

    Ultimately, this website is for you guys just as much as it is for me, and although I am not going to give away the Ultimate Dictator’s staff quite yet, and although I already have more ideas than I have time to work on this site, feedback is always good as long as it is either constructive or inspiring.

    You can either reply in this thread or, if you prefer direct contact, you can email me at admin(at)akirakurosawa.info . (Replace (at) with @.)

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