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Viggo Mortensen says Lord of the Rings should draw from Kurosawa

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    In an interview with Collider, the Lord of the Rings star Viggo Mortensen was asked what the next person playing the role of Aragorn should do to prepare. Naturally, his answer was that the person should know the source book and Nordic sagas. But also that they should watch Kurosawa films. Sadly, the article doesn’t go on to talk more about why exactly Kurosawa.

    Or at least I imagine it’s Kurosawa, spelled “Kurasowa” in the article. The same paragraph also talks about some actor called “Monstensen”.

    Apparently, there is some sort of a new Lord of the Rings adaptation coming out that Amazon is working on.


    Markus J

    Hi Vili! Interesting interview, but it’s a pity its so short. Well, maybe I have get Amazon prime if that series comes out some day.



    Hi Markus and welcome to the website! 🙂 It looks like it will be another couple of years before the series comes out, but they are talking about five seasons, so I guess it’ll take time to plan.

    I’ve got the Amazon Prime Video subscription a couple of times but always cancelled it after a month or two. The selection just isn’t that great where I am, and to be honest I also keep forgetting to use it because their player doesn’t play nice with my old htpc and their app famously doesn’t support Chromecast. I guess I’ll get it again when the next season of The Man in the High Castle is out.

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