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Venerdi Forno

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    Hello Everyone!! Sorry I haven’t discussed much lately, I never know what to say! I thought some of you might find this little project from the dark corners of Youtube interesting if you have the time. I’m not in the videos, but my friends, who are all interested in filmmaking decided to make these videos. Baisically, the concept was to write and direct an intentionally bad movie based on Rebecca Black’s video Friday. What’s really the centrepiece though is the “Making of” series (which has a pitiful 10-15 views). They all decided to come up with idiotic characters. There’s Chad Cortez, the wannabe genius director (whho makes constant refrences including Kurosawa, Ozu, Anderi Tarkovsky and Werner Herzog!) as well as his 2 right hand men Jeremy Fallston and Jamie Leech. The links to the Youtube Channel is below. If your interested, support my friends and watch/comment!! If it looks bad, that’s kind of the point!!!


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