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Uma no uta (Song of the Horse) [1970]

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    Lewis Saul

    Does anyone know anything about this? Is it available with or without subs?

    Thankx ls



    What is it? Are you thinking of Uma (1941), Kurosawa’s uncredited early film?


    Lewis Saul

    No, it’s a totally different film. Look it up. (it was for television — during the period when AK was unable to get a film project off the ground …)



    Sorry about the late response (I’ve been travelling). Uma no uta is a TV documentary about horses that Kurosawa filmed back in 1970. It aired a couple of months before Dodesukaden. To the best of my knowledge, it is not publicly available anywhere.

    It would be great if they dug it up and released it, say, as an extra to Gendai no Noh, the other major documentary project that Kurosawa worked on.

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