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    Ok, I must know: what on earth is that greenish bluish thing that’s your new avatar, Ugetsu? And why is it wearing a hat made of Plutonium? 😀

    Ugetsu's avatar



    Ah, I thought you would know this Vili, this is the sadly deceased Plutonium Boy!

    He is a generous and kind little boy who feeds plutonium to fish to show everyone how safe nuclear waste is.



    Wow. Just wow. 😆



    Vili – Thank you for asking so I didn’t have to!



    Horrifyingly hilarious. Watched the little online vid and read the blog. Cuteification indeed.

    I have been checking in on Spike Japan a bit since you first mentioned it…some of it is quite interesting! Thanks, Ugetsu.



    [Warning: OT]

    Belittling the risks of radioactive material has a long history…

    The Scottish group The McCalmans turned a story about radioactive material that was unaccounted for into a funny and very ironic song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MdRtA2MEevg


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