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Toho launches Blu-ray series.

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    It seems like a BD section will be needed here.

    (At least for those who want to keep informed and for the BD watchers – the last not including me yet.)

    On the 19th of June was announced the launching of a Blu-ray series covering the Toho Akira Kurosawa Masterworks collection.

    The first volume gives Sugata Sanshiro I & II, The Men Who Tread on the Tiger’s Tail, Seven Samurai, Sanjuro, The Bad Sleep Well and Kagemusha (which is currently discussed here).

    The announcement seems to give japanese subtitles (and wrong aspect ratios) but I’m not confident in automatic translations, whereas a japanese seller (CDJapan) gives no subtitles and region-free discs.

    There will probably be two other boxes, as for the DVD collections.

    I have yet to grab some information on the Kadokawa Blu-ray releases of The Quiet Duel, Ran and Madadayo, which followed the BD release of Rashomon.

    Do the japanese readers confirm the information from AV Watch article?

    And what do you think about this Blu-ray boom around Kurosawa?



    Thanks for this, Fabien! High Definition section is definitely under works, but I struggle to keep up with things I’d like to do as it is, so it may be a while. 😕

    I’m quite excited about Blu-ray Kurosawa, to be honest. Still about a year ago I thought that it was total nonsense, but having now partially made the leap to high definition, I have difficulties watching DVDs that are not (properly) upscaled. I’ve become such a snob, I know.

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