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Throne of Blood (Arrow Scene) Did they actually shoot arrows?

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    I thought the recent tragedy on the set of “Rust” made me think of the “arrow scene” from Thorne of Blood. Were real arrows shoat at Mifune? The short answer to that question appears to be “no”. Although, I’ve heard some accounts where the fatal “kill” shot was actually fired by an archer into a block placed behind his head. However, this documentary excerpt seems to contradict other accounts of this legendary scene.

    The part with the neck shot is not shown, so I’m not sure if the story of the famous “kill arrow” being fired by an actual archer is true or not. Anybody know?

    Considering all the horses, spears, arrows, swords, fire, wind, rain and such that Kurosawa threw at his actors, how safe were his sets? I don’t recall any accounts of people being hurt on his set, so I would guess fairly safe. In that one scene in Ran, though, when the guy seems to be trampled over by a horse sure did look real though.



    Looks like the “neck shot” was faked too. Oh well, legends die hard.

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