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The time Koji Mitsui reportedly put his foot in his mouth.


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    Greasy Rat

    I’ve been fascinated by Koji Mitsui. I think he was a great character actor. But according to this blog post, he was also a fairly troublesome alcoholic.
    This says that after Dodes’ka-den was a box office failure, Mitsui got wasted while a guest at Kurosawa’s house and told him, “You’re a coward not to make another movie”. I guess he clearly didn’t understand the situation and was frustrated. He clearly meant no harm. After Kurosawa tried to take his own life, Mitsui was shocked. It’s rumored that he blamed himself for the incident afterwards.
    I don’t think he was a bad person, I think he just did something stupid.

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    Greasy Rat

    Well, of course he blamed himself, but it says, “seems to have apologized to Kurosawa as he died.” So I don’t know what he actually said, if anything.

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