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The Realities and Relevance of Japan's Great Recession: Neither Ran nor Rashomon

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    A bit quiet here, but here’s an interesting sort of a Kurosawa connection: Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee member Adam Posen has yesterday given a speech titled The Realities and Relevance of Japan’s Great Recession – Neither Ran nor Rashomon.

    You can download a pdf of the speech from the link above. While concentrating on Japan’s economic recession, he draws parallels to Kurosawa’s films, which while not necessarily crucial to the argument, at least results in fairly fun reading.

    If the text still seems long and boring, a Financial Times blog has a summary of sorts, with reader comments.



    Great link Vili (yes, I am a bit of an economics nerd). Funny how many times I’ve read stuff on the Japanese economy without any two accounts coming close to agreeing.

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