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The Quiet Duel

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    Master Thief

    The Madman release of this film arrived today. Unfortunately it is inferior to the Ronin release.

    The Ronin has far better contrast. Both have rounded corners on the frames. The Madman also appears to have what might be frame sprockets on the right side. Has anybody got an explanation on how this might have occcurred? The chapter titles and breaks as well as the sub-title translations appear to be the same on both.

    I have done some screen captures which you can view at: http://kurosawa.jokerman.net/quietduel.html



    It took quite a long time for the Madman release to reach you, didn’t it? I thought you ordered it weeks ago?

    Thanks again for the screenshots!


    Master Thief

    I can’t understand why they have such a slow delivery system. These are their own products for goodness sake! They can’t claim they are out of stock on their own new releases. Australia is only a 3 1/2 hour flight away.

    I hope they are not so slow with Sanshiro Sugata 2 which is due out on 2 May. I have complained more than once about their slowness.

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