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Seven Samurai on release in UK/Ireland, October 2021

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    I’m not sure what’s behind this, but without much fanfare Seven Samurai is showing around the UK and Ireland next week. The Guardian has a review here. Its in Dublin in the IFI from tomorrow (19 October).

    Links here (for some reason i can’t post in text right now).





    That’s pretty nice! Enjoy the show if you attend the screening. 🙂



    I’ve seen Seven Samurai many times, but this was the first time on the big screen. It still amazes me just how good it is – and on the big screen there are many details I’d overlooked in the past.

    There are more Kurosawa films at another mini season in December in the IFI Dublin – Japanese Story. The website doesn’t say, but this seems to be a BFI event – its separate from the usual annual Japanese film festival here.




    I saw Seven Samurai on TV the first time, but my second viewing was in a theater. I don’t remember feeling that it was a big improvement, though; I feel that way more about Ran, which I saw in the theater when it was released.



    How was the show

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