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Seven Samurai + Godzilla bankruptcy rumor

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    Patrick Galvan

    I was inspired to write this after a couple of years of seeing that rather questionably rumor floating around that supposedly Toho nearly went bankrupt shooting SEVEN SAMURAI and GODZILLA (1954). There were problems with this story from the beginning and context just made it seem more and more unlikely the more I looked into it. I also sought insight from Kurosawa biographer Stuart Galbraith IV for this article. By the way, if anyone here happens to know where the “bankruptcy” story originated, please let me know! I’d love to look into it.

    Urban Legends: Godzilla + Seven Samurai = Bankruptcy?



    Thanks, Patrick! I think you make a good point there. I have no idea where the rumour started but I guess it makes a good story.

    Your article also reminds me that I have had the Ishiro Honda book on my desk for two months now. I probably should read it.


    Patrick Galvan

    Thanks, Vili! The Honda biography is fantastic. In addition to being a good read overall, it contains a lot of new information about Honda and Kurosawa’s relationship. I won’t give it away, but Honda’s widow opened up for this book about how her husband reacted to Kurosawa’s suicide attempt. That story just by itself is worth reading the book for.

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