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Senses of Cinema

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    You probably already read the online film journal Senses of Cinema, and have your favorite writers. Perhaps you have inhaled all the pages dedicated to Kurosawa and Japaese Cinema.

    But, I wanted to tell you of the newest issue (February 2010, issue 53) and the wonderful convergence of art and film I see in two articles. First, Orson Welles – Painter by Michael C. Riedlinger. Absolutely delicious comparisons of painters of light and Welle’s’ vision.

    And, Chiaroscuro: Caravaggio, Bazin, Storaro by Angela Delle Vacche is lovely.

    What must be a growing trend in connecting the dots…

    On Straub-Huillet’s Une Visite au Louvre by Sally Shafto.

    I am loving it!



    I never heard of Senses of Cinema, so I thank you for the heads up, it’s quite a nice sight to read from.

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