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Scandal & The Idiot, march offer at Eureka Video

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    The folks who don’t have yet these two films in their collection – and other folks – might be interested in the current offer from Eureka Video (UK).

    Until next monday (29), the two “Masters of Cinema” collection DVDs Scandal and The Idiot are sold £8.99 each, free worldwide shipping, among other interesting products.

    As a reminder, several reviews can be found. (Scandal, The Idiot)

    I already have the Criterion Eclipse version of these films, but I will certainly get some other things. (Probably the Naruse box.)



    Thanks for the heads-up, Fabien! There are a number of tempting offers there.

    Amazon.co.uk actually currently has The Idiot for only £7.85, while Scandal (our next month’s film club feature) is £9.99.

    Oh, and the Naruse box set is an absolute steal for only £14.99 from Eureka’s website!



    Is there a problem with that website? As soon as I press ‘buy now’ it sends me direct to a paypal page, which then refuses to accept my details. There doesn’t seem to be a shopping basket option.

    The Naruse box set is a steal at that price (I’m kinda annoyed, I paid about 3 times that much for mine! All the films are great. For those who haven’t seen it, I’d recommend Onibaba there – thats one of the films that originally turned me on to Japanese cinema, it really is a unique piece of work. Vengeance is Mine is another very important film from the 1960’s, its a very strange and gripping film.



    I didn’t fill my basket yet, but I don’t know any negative feedback about this site.

    And it seems that your problem lies in the Paypal part.

    About the shopping basket, it should be possible with Paypal, but in case of any problem, the command can be grouped (an a special Paypal order be issued) by the sales representative, whose e-mail address is at the bottom of the page.

    Beyond Naruse and other upcoming ideas, I will get the two features from René Laloux based on Jean Giraud / Moebius and Roland Topor’s works (great french artists) : Les maitres du temps and La planète sauvage.

    (If Paypal works for me.)

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