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Replay years later to the discussion Sanjuro – The Camellias

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    Tsubaki Rokujuro

    Ohayo, I am a long time jidai geki fan and big fan of The General and The Wolf (the people and also the book) 🙂
    Regarding the symbolism of red Camellia’s, I found this forum as I was searching for symbolism of Camellias and it suddenly hit me that red is the colour of Daruma San and that Camellias are associated with his tradition by way of the Cha Do (Way of Tea) tradition. Obviously camellia’s are the tea plant and the legend was that Bodhidharma (Daruma) meditated for 9 years before a wall, presumably without falling asleep.
    So tea keeps you awake and the (weird) story is that Daruma cut off his eyelids so as not to sleep and these became the first tea leaves.
    So…maybe that is the association with red camellia’s in Sanjuro?

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