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Possible new Akira Kurosawa Criterion Boxset?


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    Isaac Dunne

    Do you think with the popularity of the recent Ingmar Bergman criterion box set that there is a chance that criterion will do an updated to blu Ray Akira Kurosawa Collection? Kurosawa is arguably more popular overall than Bergman and the fact that the Bergman set is currently sold out on Barnes and Nobles and the Criterion website. If not Kurosawa is there any other director who you would imagine gettting their own box set to the level of the Bergman set?



    Yes, please please…another release/ update of AK 100…



    If they could get the Blu-ray rights, I think the entire canon in one box would be amazing.
    I can dream can’t I? 🙂



    One can always hope! In practice, I think Criterion doesn’t currently have rights to The Quiet Duel, Song of the Horse, Dersu Uzala, Ran, Rhapsody in August or Madadayo, although the last mentioned was part of their earlier AK100 box set. That of course still leaves 25 films to work with, and licensing deals are in theory really just a matter of negotiations in the end. Maybe one day!



    yes, perhaps an “ALL COMPLETE” collection say on 125 years of AK’s birthday…



    Yes! I have a laserdisc version of “Dreams” which has cinematography deserving of 4K or at least blu-ray treatment.



    I believe Criterion currently has the rights to both Dersu Uzala and Madadayo. The rest i don’t know, but there are rumors of Ran coming back. Also, i can’t imagine Rhapsody in August would be hard to acquire if they’ve mir snagged it already.

    I really hope they decide to release more large as-complete-they-can box sets like the Bergman one. I think Kurosawa and Ozu would be the likliest candidates.

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