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    Probably you already stumbled upon this, or will do soon, anyway, it’s related to this site matter, so, let’s present it.

    Ji Lee (american/korean designer working for Google) launched in late February a game project which features objects supposedly famous or recognizable from supposedly well-known films and consists of a memory game mixed with a hangman game, targeted to movie-goers.

    Among 101 films (currently โ€“ the list is growing), two are from Akira Kurosawa, which is a honest score, isn’t it?

    For the folks who didn’t try this yet, would you guess the films, and possibly objects, featured? (Pro-tip: don’t read the answers to this topic before playing the game.)

    For the others, what do you think, and what would you have put into this game from Kurosawa’s ล“uvre other than that?



    Thats a very compulsive game! I scored 60 right for 42 wrong before I gave up. Fortunately I got the two Kurosawa films – Impressive that they were the only ones with non-English language names.

    I suppose if there was a Kurosawa one, you could have some pretty obscure clues – a triangle for Seven Samurai (the symbol for Kikuchiyo on the flag), or a lot of arrows for Throne of Blood.



    I still haven’t had the time to look at the website (damn extended work trip!), but I’ve been thinking what objects I would include. I won’t tell you yet, though. ๐Ÿ˜›



    I played the game until I saw two Kurosawa items. I, too, would have included the swing from Ikiru, but the hand from Yojimbo was surprising. Before playing the game, I struggled to think of another object in addition to the swing that I would include. In the end, I would probably have included the lotus flower from Sanshiro Sugata, the prayer scroll from Ran, or the object at the children’s playground in Nagasaki which we see in Rhapsody in August. Somehow those were the first memorable objects that I could think of.

    As for the game itself, I totally suck at it. I was only able to answer about 25 % correctly. ๐Ÿ˜ณ

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