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New York Retrospective

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    Nice New York Times article here about a Film Forum Restrospective on Kurosawa.



    Ah, Dubliner, there is a film fest on Ozu in your town! http://www.irishfilm.ie/cinema/season2_07.asp?SID=188



    The BFI in London Southbank are doing a 2 month retrospective of Ozu throughout January and February too.



    Thanks Coco, I’ve already been to see Tokyo Story! The new digital transfer is very good – what I found particularly interesting is that the new transfer has much clearer sound than versions I’d seen before – there are audible ‘background’ sounds that were not audible before – for example, the constant rumble of a train in the Tokyo domestic scenes. I think it demonstrates that good quality transfers are of more than just purely aesthetic interest – they can reveal things about the story that weren’t always obvious.

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