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Nakadai Tatsuya on the Golden Age of Japanese Film (English translation)

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    A bit of a shameless plug here. I’m currently translating a book which I hope might be of interest to readers here. It deals with the subject of the 1950’s/60’s era of Japanese film and especially the filmography of Nakadai Tatsuya.

    As far as Kurosawa is concerned, it features extensive behind-the-scenes stories about the director himself and his films Yojimbo, Sanjuro, High and Low, Kagemusha, and Ran. (There are many stories in regards to numerous classics from other directors as well, such as The Human Condition, Harakiri, Kwaidan, The Sword of Doom, etc.)

    Please do check it out if you’d care to!

    Nakadai Tatsuya on the Golden Age of Japanese Film (English Translation)



    Thanks! That chapter on working with Kurosawa on Yojimbo and High and Low is fascinating. Its interesting to hear how little direction he gave the actors.




    I thought I would bump this thread to mention that I just put up a translation of another part of this book which might be of interest especially to fans of Kagemusha and Ran. See the link in my opening post — it’s Chapter Eight.

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