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Motorola's new ad campaign references Kurosawa

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    Here’s something not quite newsworthy enough to be “news section material”, but still interesting enough to warrant a mention: Motorola Mobility’s thought-provoking new ad campaign references Kurosawa. The name-drop takes place in the first part of the three-part campaign, around 1 min 55 sec.

    More specifically, artist Naohiro Ukawa talks in the video about what “abundance” means to us in our modern society. He references the scene from Dodesukaden where the the homeless father and son, living in a car chassis, imagine a richer world for themselves, something Ukawa in the video calls a prime example of true abundance: “Perhaps abundance is created by imagination. Just like the father and son I believe that abundance is born out of the imagination of each and every one of us human beings.”

    The other two parts are also worth watching.

    And sorry about the recent silence from my part, by the way. I’ll be back soon.

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