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Mahne Frame's new album a reference to Kurosawa

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    The title of “Mad World”, a new album by the Tokyo-based Australian musician Mahne Frame, appears to be a nod to Kurosawa’s Ran. The album’s title track begins with what has become the most shared Kurosawa quote of them all: “In a mad world, only the mad are sane.”

    The track also appears to echo Tears for Fears’ 1982 song “Mad World”, particularly in the bridge.

    The artist apparently wrote the album during last year’s Australian bushfires. You can read more at NME and Paper.

    Kurosawa seems to keep inspiring musicians. Last year, we had Sturgill Simpson’s Yojimbo inspired album Sound & Fury, which actually ended up my most played album of the year, according to Spotify. In the end-of-the-year statistics, it also said that nine out of ten of my most played tracks were from that album. But I suppose that’s understandable, as it combined my love of Kurosawa with my love of Sturgill Simpson.

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