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Looking for volunteers for the film about Akira Kurosawa

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    Hello! My name is Maria and I’m an editor of the Russian 1st TV Channel film about Akira Kurosawa. It will be a documentary about the life way of the great master. So, we are going to come to Japan for shooting at the end of the April, approximately 20-22 of April. The film will be shown at the biggest Tv channel in Russia.
    We are looking for some big fans there, in Tokyo, Kyoto or Iokogama. We would like to shoot you answering in some questions like why do you like mostly from the creation of Kurosawa-san, how did his films inspire you, etc. Also we will be grateful to you for the help during shooting, because we don’t know Japan very good.
    So, if you would like to join us, write me on email, please: vitkina0504@gmail.com with short information about you and how can you help us (interview, or may be you know some interesting places/people, chained with Kurosawa life)
    Thank you! Hope we will make a great movie together!

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