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Looking for Kurosawa films I can watch with family without feeling awkward

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    So yeah, I decided to put a bunch of stuff full of nostalgia and some old classics as well as new age gems on usb and just run a marathon on TV.
    However it’s extremely awkward when a sex scene or anything leading up to it other than a short kiss happens.

    So, not knowing Kurosawa’s content and merely knowing that his movies are great, can you tell me which ones do not have “suggestive” scenes and which ones do?



    I feel like there isn’t a whole lot of sexual content in Kurosawa’s films. Only a few come to mind immediately. Rashomon, Seven Samurai, Red Beard, & Dodeskaden, to name a few. (Also High & Low features drug abuse & it might be intense for some audiences. Epic movie though).

    Madadayo, Dreams, Rhapsody in August, Throne of Blood, No Regrets for Our Youth & Sanshirō Sugata are all pretty tame. Ikiru might be the best family watch though… it’s very tender and humanist and talks a lot about legacy. Rhapsody in August and I Live in Fear are both centered around the family dynamic (the former with young children, the latter with adults). Dreams is probably the most whimsical and colorful, so young audiences might enjoy it the most.



    I think its very subjective as to whether you consider a film appropriate or not for family viewing. Only the violence in Yojimbo or Ran or Throne of Blood would I think cost any TV show with similar scenes a pre-9pm slot. As MC suggests, there are some sexual subtexts (without anything visually explicit) in Rashomon, Seven Samurai and Red Beard. I would have thought only older kids would pick up on the particular themes, and if they were old enough to pick up on the subtexts of sexuality or sexual violence, they could probably deal with them.



    Hmm, I can’t quote?

    Just finished watching Seven Samurai, also watched Rashomon and both are totally tame, the latter a little less though with the woman grabbing but it was short enough. Since they weren’t suggested for a marathon I take it that the others that were are even more tame then? Anyhow I got a few dumb questions so… spoilers ahead. Who was it at the beginning who saw the bandits? What exactly did the first recruit (not the woodcutter) say to Kambei when they left the duel (where they first encountered Kyuzo)? My translation wasn’t the best. There was a scene where Kikuchiyo climbed a tree on a vine or rope, it’s totally irrelevant but I’m curious was a rope planned or was it just a vine? Who was the chubbier guy who asked Kikuchiyo why he needed more swords, was he also a samurai because I think he’s at the end but I always saw him using a spiked bamboo? Why was Kikuchiyo so sad on the first samurai’s death that he spent time sitting on the graves, did it remind him of his weaknesses as a former village kid? Did Katsushiro intend to run first toward the bandit before Kikuchiyo ran and killed him? And damn, that was a powerful visual at the end.

    Mifune, though, the characters he plays are for him. They’re excellent.

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