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Looking for a particular Takashi Shimura poster

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    I’m looking for a Takashi Shimura poster that advertised a celebration of his work held in Asago in 2007. It’s a great image taken, I believe, from Ikiru — if you’re curious, there’s a scan of it here:


    I’d love to buy a copy of it for my son, who’s a huge Kurosawa and Shimura fan, or a similar poster featuring the same image.

    If anyone has any suggestions or pointers to where I might find one, I’d really appreciate it. I’ve already searched yahoo auctions Japan with no success unfortunately.




    Hello JackPerl! I tried to look around as well, but unfortunately wasn’t able to come up with anything.

    Have you tried finding out who organised the 2007 event and if they could be contacted?



    That’s an excellent idea — I’ll give it a try! Thanks!

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