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locations then and now

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    Hello, I seem to recall a site that had recent photographs of certain locations from one of Kurosawa’s films. I think the film may have been High and Low. It had pictures from the film and showed what those places look like today. Does anybody know where the site was?



    Wow, that sounds quite interesting. I’ve never seen the website, though. Maybe someone else remembers the address?



    I dont know the website.

    I know most of the films of Kurosawa’s where filmed in the Nara prefecture of Japan. Rashomon was filmed in the Kasuga Primeval Forest of Nara and that remains mostly the same.

    Kagamusha and I think Ran was filmed in a large open field in Imari, Nara, from what I heard the field in mostly the same, although there is now a Sony store and overhead powerlines visible in the horizon.

    Some of the scenes in Dreams where filmed in Imari, that area I believe is still a rice terraces that are unchanged.

    Like I said a lot of the films where filmed there, but these are the only ones am fair sure are correct.

    I do believe this the primary reason the likely to never be built Kurosawa museum chose Imari as the location.

    I going to be in Hiroshima sometime next week and Imari is about 3.5 hours by train away from Hiroshima. If I can manage to spare a full day, am going to try to make a somewhat rushed day trip. I’ve recently contacted many people I meet on various Japanese and Travel website that live in the Nara prefecture but none have been able to tell much about Imari, so I am a bit unsure if I should dedicate a whole day that might turn out to be for nothing. I have some other goals in Japan that are nowhere near this area and a bit limited on time.



    Say hi to Japan for me, Jeremy!

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