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Link: A Kurosawa profile in 4 parts

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    If you fancy some Kurosawa biography, Trevor Hogg has been writing a four-part Kurosawa profile, which is quite jam-packed with information, and full of quotes (although unfortunately no references to where those quotes come from):

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Part 3

    The fourth part will probably be up soon. Dylanexpert may want to see if he could recruit Trevor for the Wikipedia project. 😉



    It is a strange thing about the web…one can cut and paste or copy information from books, other sites, etc., without ever having to worry much about copyright infringement, or normal scholarly attribution.



    Unfortunately, that’s also pretty much what some of my students thought back when I taught at the University. 🙁 I don’t really miss those discussions with students.

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